When Lel and I returned from our cross country road trip a few weeks ago, we found that one of our chickens was sitting on some eggs.  I have been keeping chickens for 3 years, but I only added a rooster to my flock last April.  A friend of mine gave us a Cochin rooster and hen.  The Cochin hen who we unofficially call Fancy Pants is the only hen that the rooster who we have named Boof seems to be able to mate with.  My other hens are much larger and more independent/not interested.

Fancy Pants has been sitting now for about 3 weeks and Monday, when we went out to feed the chickens, the little cheeps of baby chicks could be heard! Today they are all out of the nesting box and wandering around.  We have four little ones!

It looks like three are darker in coloration like the one above and one is the lighter grey color.  They are so cute!  I am so excited to have a few more chickens added to the flock as well.

My chicken coop has two levels so I separated Fancy Pants from the rest of the flock while she was still sitting.  Now she and her little one’s  have the whole bottom half of the coop to live in.  I plan on keeping them here until they are big enough to join the rest of the flock.  It is safe, warm, and dry.  Alright! I am off to the Tractor Supply Store to pick up some chick food!


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