Fuzzy to Feathered

The other day I was on my way to leave the house when I noticed one of our cats sitting in the garden.  This struck me as odd so I got out of the car to investigate.  To my surprise and shock I found Mama hen and (luckily) all four babies waddling along in the garden.  Pookha our hunter was nonchalantly sitting on the other side of the tomatoes “helpfully observing”.

When I say hunter, I mean it was only a couple of days earlier that he woke us up at three in the morning by dropping a live baby bunny on the bed.  Which led to Pookha’s idea of the funniest thing ever, a scrambling, jumping, half naked, half asleep lel and I trying to 1) not scream like 12 yr-old girls and 2) figure out exactly what kind of animal was now running around the bed in the dark. I swear I heard him snickering.  I was actually relieved when the lights were finally on and we realized it was a baby bunny- he’d brought us a snake a week or so before this incident. HaHa. Pookha funny.

So after chasing Pookha out of the garden and getting over my initial shock. I took a few pictures of Mama and the chickiechicks  hanging out and foraging.   Some time during the night an animal of some kind opened the shed doors and tore through the chicken wire of the hen house.    Thank god Mama hen was smart enough (and tough enough) to lead her chicks to the relative safety of the garden.

The chicks are getting big now.  A couple of them have most of their feathers and they are as curious as ever!

I will get some closer pictures soon so that you can see how much they have grown.

Oh, and I thought this was a funny picture of Ballou sitting in a chair.  It strikes me often how many characters I live with!


4 comments on “Fuzzy to Feathered

  1. Seasonsgirl says:

    What cute little chicks… and Ballou is a funny cat 😉

  2. What a beautiful looking mama.

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