The Joy of Eating Grubs and Other Stories of Sunday Morning

I woke this Sunday morning with a few projects in mind.  First of which was to create a smaller pen inside the main chicken run for the chickiechicks and mama.  I had tried a few times letting them out in the main run, however those little chicks would always find some small hole under the fence( missed during my multiple patch jobs) and escape. Plus they managed to annoy all of the other chickens except their mother.   I decided the best plan would be to make a smaller pen just for mama and chicks for their safety and my headache-free Sunday.

They are getting quite big now and love digging for grubs.  Here they are taking a dust bath with Mama.

Here is a picture of Boof our rooster and father of the chicks.

Here is a picture of Rozilla/Rosanne/formally know as Rosie on the left a Boof on the right.  He is really tiny and she is quite large, hence her nickname of Rozilla( pronounced Row-Zirrah).

And a picture of the last of my original flock Betty the Barred Rock and Rosie the Rhode Island Red aka the Cranky Old Ladies/ Oh No You Don’t, Boof!

That is the whole flock.  Although we are still in need of names for the four chicks.  I also have a feeling more chickens are on the way.  I dreamt last night that I got a mating pair of very fancy looking chickens, a single hen who also looked quite fancy/odd, and an ostrich- speaking of odd.  In the dream, I had to call Lel and ask her permission to get the Ostrich because I wasn’t sure if we had enough space. She is laughing now ” As if I get to tell you no about anything with those chickens”.

On to the next project.  Harvest the garden, dig potatoes and prep the beds for winter.  This was the first year that I have had these garden beds.  So I was unsure exactly what to expect for our overall harvest.  I think I did pretty well considering a few set backs in the way of squash. Curse those vine boring grubs!  This was also the first year that I have attempted sweet potatoes.  I figured if nothing else they would make a great screen from the neighbors and the driveway.  I planted them along the bamboo fence I made at the edge of the garden.

And wow did they work well as a cover!  It was really wonderfully beautiful!  Especially when the vines flowered.  I highly recommend growing them even just for foliage.  Easy to maintain, fast growing, and beautiful.  The one thing that made me skeptical about getting any kind of crop was the fact that this was the first year that these beds had been tilled.  In Georgia, this means that the bed was mostly clay and despite all my amendments and tilling( blood, sweat, and, tears), it was still very hard packed.  I really thought it would just be too compact for the sweet potatoes, but I was very, very happily surprised when I started digging this morning.

Not only did they grow, but they were HUGE!

That is the largest mixing bowl I own.  It is an industrial size metal bowl and it is currently full of sweet potatoes!  What a harvest!  I am so impressed by those sweet potato plants!

I also picked the rest of the peppers and tomatoes.  Which in turn led to Breakfast/Brunch!

  • Fried Green Tomatoes, Poached Eggs, and Bacon:

  • Green Tomato
  • Flour or Corn Meal
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Garlic Powder
  • Cayenne
  • 3 Eggs
  • 4-6 Pieces of Bacon

This is breakfast for two so if you are making it for one or more than two just adjust.  Okay now the first thing that you want to do is to take the eggs out of the fridge.  This is one of the secrets to poaching eggs, you need them to be room temperaturish.  Next step, pre-heat your oven to 425.  I bake bacon.  I find that it is the easiest and least messy ways to cook it.  If you are a stove top kind of bacon person feel free to do it your way.  On a baking sheet lay the bacon strips out one by one.  When the oven is heated stick the sheet pan with the bacon in the oven.  It doesn’t take that long for the bacon to cook.  Maybe 10 min.  Check it often to make sure you get it to the crispiness that you desire.  While the bacon is cooking slice your green tomato.  Try and get the pieces as thin as possible.

Next you want to take one of the eggs and whisk it with roughly 1 TBLS of milk in a small bowl.

Next in a separate small bowl mix roughly 1 Cup of flour or cornmeal with 1 tsp Salt, 1/4 tsp ground pepper, 1 tsp garlic powder, and 1/4 tsp cayenne.

In a large skillet preferably cast iron melt 1 TBLS of butter on medium high heat.

Once the pan is hot, start by dipping the tomato slices one by one into the flour mixture first, Coat both sides, then dip into the egg mixture.  Next drop them into the skillet.  add only about four at a time or as many as your pan will hold comfortably.

Flip them over and brown them on both sides.

When you remove them from the pan lay them out on a couple paper towels.

While you are cooking the tomatoes you can put on the stove a small skillet with about an inch of water in the bottom.  Add 1 tsp salt and 1 TBLS of white vinegar.  This is the all time secret to poaching eggs. Don’t tell anyone, make them read my blog 🙂  Room temp eggs and a little bit of vinegar in the water.  You want the water in the pan to be at at a slow  boil, but not a  rolling boil.

Add the eggs one at a time.

Use a spoon to spoon some of the hot water over the tops of the eggs while they cook.  When the white around the yolk is solid remove the eggs and plate them.



Fuzzy to Feathered

The other day I was on my way to leave the house when I noticed one of our cats sitting in the garden.  This struck me as odd so I got out of the car to investigate.  To my surprise and shock I found Mama hen and (luckily) all four babies waddling along in the garden.  Pookha our hunter was nonchalantly sitting on the other side of the tomatoes “helpfully observing”.

When I say hunter, I mean it was only a couple of days earlier that he woke us up at three in the morning by dropping a live baby bunny on the bed.  Which led to Pookha’s idea of the funniest thing ever, a scrambling, jumping, half naked, half asleep lel and I trying to 1) not scream like 12 yr-old girls and 2) figure out exactly what kind of animal was now running around the bed in the dark. I swear I heard him snickering.  I was actually relieved when the lights were finally on and we realized it was a baby bunny- he’d brought us a snake a week or so before this incident. HaHa. Pookha funny.

So after chasing Pookha out of the garden and getting over my initial shock. I took a few pictures of Mama and the chickiechicks  hanging out and foraging.   Some time during the night an animal of some kind opened the shed doors and tore through the chicken wire of the hen house.    Thank god Mama hen was smart enough (and tough enough) to lead her chicks to the relative safety of the garden.

The chicks are getting big now.  A couple of them have most of their feathers and they are as curious as ever!

I will get some closer pictures soon so that you can see how much they have grown.

Oh, and I thought this was a funny picture of Ballou sitting in a chair.  It strikes me often how many characters I live with!


When Lel and I returned from our cross country road trip a few weeks ago, we found that one of our chickens was sitting on some eggs.  I have been keeping chickens for 3 years, but I only added a rooster to my flock last April.  A friend of mine gave us a Cochin rooster and hen.  The Cochin hen who we unofficially call Fancy Pants is the only hen that the rooster who we have named Boof seems to be able to mate with.  My other hens are much larger and more independent/not interested.

Fancy Pants has been sitting now for about 3 weeks and Monday, when we went out to feed the chickens, the little cheeps of baby chicks could be heard! Today they are all out of the nesting box and wandering around.  We have four little ones!

It looks like three are darker in coloration like the one above and one is the lighter grey color.  They are so cute!  I am so excited to have a few more chickens added to the flock as well.

My chicken coop has two levels so I separated Fancy Pants from the rest of the flock while she was still sitting.  Now she and her little one’s  have the whole bottom half of the coop to live in.  I plan on keeping them here until they are big enough to join the rest of the flock.  It is safe, warm, and dry.  Alright! I am off to the Tractor Supply Store to pick up some chick food!