Allergy Parade

After a trip to the doctor a few weeks ago and a health scare (not related to eating)  I started taking a hard look at my diet.  I generally thought I was doing pretty well.  And for the most part I am.  I look good on paper for the doctors as far as cholesterol, blood pressure, and weight.  I make almost everything I eat from scratch, eat more veggies than most, and I actually like the taste of dark bitter greens.  So it had not even occurred to me that I might not be getting some key nutrients.  That was until I started a food diary.

I had gained roughly 20 pounds in the last year.  Granted I had been my skinniest ever (I had not been eating much do to stress) one year ago, weighing in at 115.  I stopped playing roller derby and gave my body some much needed rest to let my ankles, knees and almost everything else recover and heal.  So couch sitting and occasional walking mixed with a new relationship and my happy self’s tendency to eat (this is actually a good thing) put a few more pound on than I would like.  So after my trip to the docs and a new inhaler (yes I am an asthmatic as well) I started working out again and joined daily burn tracker.  With daily burn tracker pro lite you get emails daily analyzing what you eat.  If you have an iPhone this is a great app. or you can just use it from your computer.  However, I am not here to sell you on the app.  what really impressed me was the emails that showed exactly what percentage of daily nutrients I was getting from the food I was eating.  To my surprise I was way below the recommended levels despite eating a well rounded diet of meat, veggies, fruits, and grains.

I imagine I can’t be the only person out there who is allergic to oil seeds (sesame, sunflower, cottonseed, flax, etc.), Fish (but not shellfish), and Tree Nuts (walnuts, almonds, pecans, etc.).  I read all the labels on the multivitamins at the grocery store.  Most of them have either fish oil, flax seed oil, or sunflower seed oil.  So on a trip to the local vitamin shop, Health Unlimited, I asked the very helpful employee for a multivitamin I would not be allergic to.  He suggested Bio-Multi Plus by Biotics Research Corporation  Perfectly safe for anyone out there who can walk hand in hand with me at the allergy parade.

I have been taking the bio-Multi for a couple weeks now and I feel great, except I kept getting the emails telling me that I am not getting enough Omega 3s.  With handy suggestions to eat more things like sesame oil, walnuts, and salmon.  Oh so helpful.  So I was doing some research and could not seem to come up with a solution that would work for me.  I suppose I could take krill oil, but something about that makes me nervous.  Wasn’t there another way to get Omega 3s?

Then I thought back to years ago when I was on a diet aimed at curing asthma and taking Spirulina supplements.  It is a super green so wouldn’t it technically have Omega 3s like dark leafy greens?  The answer is yes!  Although I don’t know why it is not listed as an option by most websites discussing the topic of Omega 3s.  A quick Google search will reveal that it is actually a great source of Omega 3s and has a myriad of other beneficial properties.  However, I had not seen it listed even once while doing a search for foods high in Omega 3s or Omega 3 supplements.  I was so surprised by this gap in the information available on Omega 3s that I thought I should share my findings with the readers of my blog and hopefully other wandering allergy ridden people searching the vast and sometimes barren landscape of the internet.

I hope that this information will be helpful to someone out there.  I will update with progress after a couple weeks to let everyone know how I feel.  Cheers!